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Colorful Flowers & Plants from Our Flower Shop

Roses - Flower Shop in Killeen, TX
Red Roses - Flower Shop in Killeen, TX

Half a Dozen
Red Roses: $30

Decorate your home with beautiful flowers from Killeen Florist Shop in Killeen, Texas. For more than 17 years, Killeen Floral Shop has been putting our heart into everything we do. From supplying you with formal wear to giving you gorgeous bouquets, our flower shop helps make your special day that much more memorable. Contact us at (888) 369-8285 for information about the services we provide, including delivery services for our service area.

Stunning Flowers & Floral Arrangements
The staff of Killeen Floral Shop loves flowers almost as much as we love sharing these wonderful darlings with you. From bouquets to boutonnieres and corsages, we have fresh-cut flowers that are perfect for any occasion. Each floral arrangement is specifically created by our florist to fit your event. Whether it is something exciting as a wedding or an anniversary or something more somber like a funeral, our florist takes great care in ensuring the flowers in your floral arrangement are tasteful, tactful, and beautiful. Make sure you ask us about our different colored roses!

The Perfect Plants for Your Home
Are you looking to bring some green into your house or office? Killeen Floral Shop can help with our large collection of green plants. You'll find healthy ivy, rubber plants, and blooming plants that will add a certain spark of life and color to any location you put them in. Ask our florist about what type of green plants are right for the area you want to decorate.
Floral Arrangement - Flower Shop in Killeen, TX
White Roses - Flower Shop in Killeen, TX


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